1. Navigate to a vessel page and click the 'more' button (3-dots icon) and select 'Create feedback report'.

2. On the next page, select the type of Feedback Report for the vessel and click 'Next'

3. In the General section, fill in the form fields as required.

4. Provide your feedback within the FBR. If the feedback is Satisfactory you can optionally add a description by ticking the checkbox.

If your feedback is Unsatisfactory, requires RightShip to investigate, you are required to add a description. Please provide as much detail as possible and attach any supporting documentation.

Alternatively if your feedback is Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory, however no investigation required, or Not observed, you can optionally provide a description and it will be recorded for future reference.

5. Finally, provide a response to the overall vessel performance, click 'Submit' and your FBR will be submitted to RightShip.

If you marked any response as Unsatisfactory, requires RightShip to investigate – RightShip will investigate each response and the status of your FBR will be 'in progress'.

During this investigation, you will be informed of any status changes but can request more information at any time. The FBR will remain open until you are satisfied with the outcome of the investigation. Once satisfied, RightShip will switch the status of the FBR to closed.

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