1. If a vet request has been submitted with a vetting rule that requires a valid Terminal Questionnaire (HQ), the RightShip platform will search it's database for a valid TQ. If not found, a TQ will be automatically sent to the nominated party (e.g. ship manager) to fill out and can be found in the 'forms tab' on the tasks page. Click on the subject vessel for which the TQ is required.

3. On the ensuing TQ page, the current status and next steps of the TQ workflow are visible. Because the vet has just triggered the TQ requirement, the status is 'waiting for ship manager's response'.

4. The nominated party (e.g. ship manager) will receive an email request to complete the TQ.

5. On the questionnaire page, the nominated party can fill out the form. If required, click 'Save for later' to complete the document at another time.

6. Once submitted, the reviewing party will receive an email indicating the questionnaire has been completed. Simultaneously, the status of the TQ will change to 'Pending Terminal Review'.

7. Navigating to the TQ, the terminal can review each response from the nominated party (e.g. ship manager); and action it by clicking 'Take Ownership' in the workflow section.

8. If the responses are incorrect, or if more information is required, the reviewing party can communicate with the nominated party, simply by entering their requirements under the title 'need more info' in the 'workflow' section.

9. The nominated party will receive an email outlining the information required, and have the opportunity to resubmit the TQ or HQ.

10. Once the reviewing party has reviewed the submission, they can change the status of the TQ to 'acceptable' or 'unacceptable'. The nominated party will be notified by email, and the rule within a vet requiring a valid TQ will be marked as 'passed' or 'failed'. Simultaneously, the vet status will change to 'review required' and the vet will be processed.

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