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RightShip APIs

Integrating with RightShip

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Our APIs allow your business to integrate with RightShip to keep your systems up-to-date and help your organisation to operate more efficiently.

RightShip exposes the following APIs for developers to consume in their applications.

Vessels API

The Vessels API allows you to obtain vessel information including Safety Scores and GHG Ratings.

PSC Submission API

The Port State Control (PSC) Submission API provides the ability to send inspections and close-outs for your vessels.


If you would like information, or to provide feedback, on the roadmap for RightShip's APIs, please contact RightShip.

What is currently planned?

RightShip plans to provide the following:

  • access to vetting clearances

  • access to terminal questionnaires

  • ability to request new vetting clearances

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