RightShip’s Safety Score model is built on a foundation of cleaned and verified data, which comes from several sources including maritime analytics associations and government institutions. We gather information contributed by our customers, source our own first-hand data and utilise dedicated data stewardship experts to deliver comprehensive and accurate results.

As there is no one golden record of data in the maritime industry, RightShip is required to collect data from multiple sources, which can occasionally show conflicts. In order to combat this, RightShip data is cleansed through automated processes and expert analysis, which constantly refines the data. The data that contributes to a vessel’s Safety Score is clearly made available on a vessel’s activity timeline.

Safety events included in each vessel’s Safety Score

To drill down into the specific safety incidents and events which are included in the Safety Score, you can click on a vessel’s activity timeline. Here you can see all the incidents and port state control inspections. Where possible, all deficiencies and detentions for each PSC inspection will be listed. You can also see the severity grading of each incident.

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