1. There are two ways to request a RightShip inspection:

From the RightShip website, click “Request Inspection” from the main navigation. 

Alternatively, from the RightShip platform, go to the vessel that requires a RightShip inspection and click 'Request Inspection' from the RightShip inspection badge.

• The amber badge will appear if you have had a RightShip inspection previously

• The dark grey badge will appear if a vessel has no valid RightShip inspection.

• The red badge will appear if a vessel is required to have a RightShip inspection.

2. Fill out the necessary details in the inspection form. All fields are required and you must acknowledge all the checkboxes before submission. 

3. Click 'Submit request' to complete the process. You will see a confirmation page and an email confirmation will also be sent to the technical manager, who's details were provided in the form.  

After a RightShip inspection has been concluded, a badge will show on the vessel page. Having a RightShip inspection badge means this vessel is going above and beyond in upholding safety and vessel management best practice in the industry.

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