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The new RightFLEET Home section
The new RightFLEET Home section
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From 31st January 2024 onwards, the RightFLEET Home section, a new feature for Ship Owners and Managers aimed to change the approach to data submission, will be available. It puts Shipowners and managers in control, guaranteeing the state of their vessels is always in order.

Recognising the unique needs of O&Ms, distinct from Charterers, the RightFLEET Home section aims to fulfil those needs comprehensively. Its initial release will seamlessly integrate into the existing RightShip platform, appearing as a dedicated tab labelled ‘Home.’

If you are not yet a registered user, register here for free and get access to RightFLEET Home section.

Please watch the video tutorial below to learn more about the new RightFLEET Home section.

Benefits of the new Home section.

-Seamless vessel monitoring for O&Ms.

-Instantly highlight pending tasks for efficient management.

-Consolidate the view of all pending tasks for monitored vessels within the RightFLEET Home section.

-Empowerment for O&Ms to proactively address tasks independently of vet requests.

-Real-time visibility, reducing reliance on sporadic email notifications.

-Simplified user interface for enhanced user experience.

-Task prioritisation capabilities within the O&Ms task list.


How do I sign up for RightFLEET Starter – Home section?

A: Click on the RFIs (Request for Information) CTA (Call to Action), and you will be directed to a sign-up page. Upon access being granted, you will be redirected to the RightShip platform with the 'Home' tab auto-enabled.

How do I access the RightFLEET Home section if I already have a RightShip log-in?

A: The RightFLEET Home section is automatically enabled for customers managing vessels. Log in to the RightShip platform, and you'll find it as a dedicated tab labelled 'Home.' Should you not be able to see this new tab, kindly reach out to us to manually activate access.

Is it mandatory to sign in or sign up in order to submit the requested vessel information?

A: Yes, starting from January 31, 2024, the submission of information for any vessel must be carried out through the RightFLEET Home section, and signing in or signing up is a requisite step in this process.

Is there a cost associated with signing up for the RightFLEET Home section and submitting vessel information?

A: No, there is no cost involved in signing up for RightFLEET Starter and accessing the Home section or in the process of submitting vessel information. It is entirely free of charge.

How are vessels monitored within the RightFLEET Home section?

A: O&Ms have control over monitored vessels. The user can manually add vessels under their management, and RightShip will also auto-assign vessels on which vets are requested and their email is associated with. To manually add the Vessels, Navigate to HOME > click on the Vessel Widge Manage CTA and start adding vessels.

What tasks can I handle within the RightFLEET Home section interface?


  • Vet RFIs

  • PSCs Closeout,

  • Incidents Closeout

  • Vessel Forms

  • RightShip Inspection Submission Request

  • Environmental Review submission

  • Feedback Report RFIs

  • Condition for Review RFIs

  • Submitting missing PSCs.

Note: the RightFLEET Home section excludes tasks older than 2 years

How does the RightFLEET Home section improve task prioritisation?

A: The platform prioritises tasks, considering pending vets and sorts them by date (oldest first). This ensures efficient action on urgent matters.

What is the difference between a Standard or Priority Close out Submission?

A: If you are a non-subscribers or submitting data for a vessel not part of your purchased fleet, you have the option to submit a closeout in Standard or Priority mode. A Priority submission ensures that RightShip prioritises and accelerates the review process for your submission. For subscribers, every submission is treated as a Priority submission.

How much does it cost to submit a Priority closeout?

A: The cost for submitting a Priority closeout is 50 USD per submission

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